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Winning on social media is all about having great content. Content that is 'SHAREABLE'. Content that is unique and eye catching and either AMUSING or INSPIRATIONAL or SHOCKING. Not an easy task to keep generating this content.

Content Lamp makes this process into a cakewalk. You throw in some raw images, raw text and images of the product you want to promote, and Bang! Right before your eyes you see a dazzling set of image all ready to be blasted all over social media, each one totally SHAREABLE, and these images spread by themselves as folks click 'SHARE' ! Viral Images are EXPENSIVE and Time Consuming to make.

Viral Images are EXPENSIVE and Time Consuming to make.

No longer will you spend hours trying to create images… While EVERYONE ELSE has already moved on to something else. They’re already in the kitchen eating, on the couch watching a movie, out with their family, or simply moved on to a new project.

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A few viral images on social media is worth more than thousands of dollars of paid advertising!

If your Instagram or Twitter or Facebook account has a lot of interesting images, you will get a lot of followers. And these followers will share and re-share with their followers.

Before you know it, there will be thousands of folks seeing your brand or your product. And all that without buying followers or begging some 'influencer' to have mercy on you.

Content Lamp puts the entire content creation process on steroids. This leaves you free to focus on running your business.

So, What Exactly Is This “Little Known Secret” called CONTENT LAMP?


Introducing… The Content Lamp!

An Unmatched App That Literally Allows You to STORM Social Media!

It is so simple and easy to use. You load up raw background images, foreground images (btw check out our store for cheap and beautiful images), some captions, and the image or logo of your product. Click a button, sit back and watch MAGIC happen before your eyes!

You will NEVER AGAIN have to miss dinner or your favorite show or a date with your girlfriend or boyfriend or the game or anything else while you slave away at the world's most exhausting and draining task: Content Creation.
Content Lamp is the closest you can get to having an Aladdin's Lamp on your work desk. While we cannot supply you with a Genie, you will fall in love with Content Lamp head over heels, so much so you will wish you had discovered this last year…

And, perhaps one of the most important aspects of the content lamp…

Preventing Social Media Managers From Falling Into One Of The Biggest Traps Of The Industry…

Stop WASTING money on Paid Campaigns.

You cannot win the social media war by throwing money at it. Use your BRAINS, and use the CONTENT LAMP.

The most cost effective method to get your message out to millions of people is to draw attention to yourself on social media.

Unless you are a celebrity yourself and everything you say is 'viral', the only option is to create viral media, viral images that contain text and imagery that inspire, fascinate or shock and therefore will be shared on thousands of accounts.

A 'share-worthy image' that you upload on Instagram could travel all over cyberspace, to twitter, to whatsapp, telegram, you never know how many thousands of people will see it. And imagine multiplying this a hundred times over. See our HOW TO USE page.

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You owe it to yourself to get out of the rat race you got yourself into. Automate Image Content Creation for Social Media. These viral images are the silver bullets you need to tame the Social Media Beast!

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